Lots of new faces in the lab

The Meyer lab in Fall 2019 in front of the DNA sculpture at UF’s Genetics Institute. Left to right: Stephanie Miller (Computer Scientist), DeVante Dawson (PhD student), Julie Meyer (PI), Monica Schul (undergrad intern), Jessica Tittl (Biological Scientist), Rachel Howard (PhD student), Anya Brown (postdoc). Not pictured: Amelia Langford (volunteer, BSc Microbiology).

This fall the lab welcomed two new PhD students, DeVante Dawson and Rachel Howard, who are both excited to work on coral microbiomes. Jessica Tittl also joined the lab as a full-time technician to work on validating a probiotics treatment for coral disease. Stephanie Miller (BSc Computer Science) joined the lab in the spring to help us with data management, script development, and getting us all on github. Monica Schul, who will be graduating in December with a BSc in Marine Science and Biotechnology (double major) has been working with our postdoc Anya Brown on coral microbiomes and macroalgal interactions with coral.

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